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The future of medical information


How to align the members of a medical information consortium to the current and future needs of healthcare professionals (HCPs)


Uniting 27 pharmaceutical companies around a single vision for putting timely, unbiased, relevant medical information at HCPs' fingertips


A 5-year vision with 2-year platform prototypes and a roadmap for implementation

Understanding healthcare professionals’ current and future needs

phactMI is an NGO (non-governmental organization) that was established by a consortium of medical information leaders with the ambition to provide HCPs with easy access via digital platforms to the most up-to-date drug information. The consortium is composed of 27 leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, including (but not limited to) Pfizer, Merck, Sanofi, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, Amgen, and Novartis.

Healthcare professionals (HCPs)—such as doctors, nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants, and clinical pharmacists—need access to current and accurate drug information to support effective clinical decisions. Many turn to Google and other third-party sources to find answers to their questions, opening them up to the risk of acquiring inaccurate or out-of-date information.

Pharmaceutical companies are uniquely qualified to provide drug information via their medical information capability. They are staffed with medical professionals who provide scientifically accurate, unbiased answers to HCPs’ questions.

Many clinicians are either unaware of or uncertain about medical information services provided by pharmaceutical companies. Barriers such as a lack of trust, lack of digital expertise, and regulatory constraints have deterred individual pharmaceutical companies from providing medical information on an easy-to-navigate and accessible, self-serve digital platform.

phactMI is committed to gaining a deeper understanding of HCPs’ drug information needs and identifying how they can provide differentiated value in an already crowded marketplace. phactMI sought to engage with its members and provide value by implementing enhancements to the current .org platform while developing a future-ready platform over a 5-year timeframe.

Pharma companies engaged


In-depth interviews conducted


Bringing the HCP perspective and co-creating drivers of value with medical information experts

To understand what HCPs valued most and areas they were currently underserved by in the market, Bridgeable conducted in-depth interviews with a range of HCPs located across the USA, ranging from specialists and nurse practitioners to clinical pharmacists and physicians’ assistants.

Deep insights about HCPs’ drug information needs were combined with a healthcare trend analysis to identify both current and future scenarios in which the most appropriate medical information would seamlessly integrate into HCPs’ workflow.

Subject matter experts from 8 organizations with expertise in technology and medical information then worked together in a 1-day workshop to identify and prioritize potential future drivers of value. The experts collaborated to identify key risks as well as potential areas of opportunity for phactMI to pursue.

Visualizing the future of medical information combined with prototypes of the near-term

To unite 27 companies, phactMI needed to be both ambitious with its vision and practical with its short-term roadmap.

To meet these needs, Bridgeable created a futuristic scenario forecasting how HCPs would engage with drug information in 5 years as well as practical prototypes showing what the phactMI platform would look like 2 years.

Additionally, a 1-year roadmap was created to outline how phactMI would develop its platform through ongoing in-market tests and membership adoption.

Bridgeable was tireless in their approach to getting it right. It was obvious there were some really good minds committed to coming up with the right solution to fit our business needs.

Patrick Reilly
CEO, phactMI

Ongoing alignment of 27 companies

Recognizing the complexity of motivating 27 organizations to unite around a single vision, it was clear that phactMI needed to build member support for both short- and longer-term investment.

Bridgeable developed an operating model for phactMI that supported its ambition to work nimbly yet continuously engage its membership as it develops new features for its platform. The operating model identified how phactMI could behave more like a start-up and become a testing ground for the consortium’s members to try out new features with HCPs.

Bridgeable supported phactMI in presenting the vision to a range of working groups as well as at board member meetings. Throughout each presentation, members were able to get answers to their questions and identify risks to help the organization plan for the future.

With 27 pharmaceutical companies aligned around a vision for providing HCPs with unbiased, up-to-date medical information, phactMI provided value to its members by refining its existing platform while developing future-ready prototypes.

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