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The Designership Open House debrief

The Designership is our pro bono program. It’s a full-time, paid internship working on a social impact project.

On Tuesday, January 9th we held our Designership Open House to educate potential applicants about Bridgeable and the Designership Program. We also review past Designership projects and provided the attendees with application tips and advice.

If you’re interested in applying for the Designership Program, but were unable to attend our Open House, fear not! Below is a debrief of the event and what you need to know.

The Designership Program

The Designership is our pro bono program. It’s a full-time, paid internship working on a social impact project.

We believe the Designership has quadruple impact:

  1. Client: The program is an opportunity to solve a unique organizational challenge that requires different ways of thinking.
  2. Community: It’s an opportunity to experience better services as a result of our design.
  3. Bridgeable: It’s a chance for us to test new capabilities and approaches. It’s also a great opportunity to promote the value of our work to a wider audience.
  4. Interns: You will get to work on a meaningful end-to-end design project, learning new skills and gaining practical experience.

Previous Designership Projects

Here are some of our past Designership projects so you can learn more about what the outcomes of the program are:

Summer Designership 2017— Shared Mobility: How can we increase the adoption of shared mobility amongst suburban commuters in the GTHA?

Summer Designership 2016 — Heart & Stroke Foundation: How could we help HSF with the launch of their community hypertension program by improving the onboarding experience?

Summer Designership 2015 — MaRS: How could we design the future of maternal health data

Application Tips

Please keep these tips in mind to make sure your application seen, and not nixed. We get a ton of applications and here are some ways for you to stand out:

Don’t be afraid to show a little personality

Giving us insight into who you are as a person helps set you apart from the pack!

Consider usability and readability

The easier we can read & process your application, the better. If possible, provide one PDF for your entire application. ZIP files are allowed, but it makes things more difficult for us.

Find an editor you trust

…or at least spend some time away from the process and review your application with fresh eyes. A well-edited application will go a long way.

Use your cover letter as a chance to tell us things that you can’t convey elsewhere

Use this space to share insights that may not neatly fit into the rest of your resume. We don’t have strict cover letter requirements so use this as an opportunity share some other fun facts about yourself.


We require that you include up to three portfolio pieces. Applicants for all roles should include portfolio pieces, not only designers.

  • You can include selected slides from presentation decks you’ve made in the past.
  • Give insight into how you work through a problem. We love seeing the journey you take, and what challenges you have dealt with.
  • Don’t submit your entire thesis. An abstract or writing sample will do.
  • When submitting group projects, clearly explain your role on the project.
  • Make sure you include context. You should be curating the pieces you share so help us understand why you chose them.

Follow the instructions!

It should go without saying, but please follow the application instructions. Applications that do not include all pieces will not be considered.


To apply for the Designership visit:

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