The Bridgeable Designership Program

The Designership Program

The Bridgeable Designership is one of Canada’s only service design internship programs. It gives us the opportunity to both teach and learn from bright minds and to work on projects with real social impact.

The 2020 Summer Designership application process is now open. Details about how to apply for the 2020 Summer Designership program are posted on our career page under the Designership – Summer intern job posting.


Real Projects, Real Impact

The Designership is a paid, full-time internship at Bridgeable’s office in Toronto, Ontario. If selected, you’ll be part of a multidisciplinary team dedicated to working on a project with real social impact—under the direction of an experienced member of Bridgeable’s leadership team. The internship starts in May and finishes in late August.

The Roles

Summer Intern – 3 positions

Three-stage application process

1. Application submission
We’ll review your materials and put together a long list of qualified applicants.

2. Video interview
If you’ve made the long list, we’ll contact you to film a very short (10–15 minute) video interview. After the long list interviews are complete, we’ll put together a short list of qualified candidates.

3. In-person Presentation
Selected candidates will be sent a mock assignment and asked to present their response to a panel of 4 to 5 Bridgeable team members. Following your brief 10-minute presentation, we’ll ask questions about your response and questions designed to get to know you better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply?

You don’t need to be a trained designer, and there aren’t specific tools that you need to be familiar with. Instead, we look for people who are tenacious, self-directed, and thoughtful in how they frame problems and arrive at solutions. In the past, we’ve had interns whose backgrounds include public health, urban planning, sociology, and film. We love to be blown away by an amazing application coming from an unexpected background. You must be eligible to work in Canada.

Will I be paid?

You’ll be paid a weekly salary based on your education level and experience. We also offer a small travel stipend to those relocating to Toronto for the summer.

What will I learn?

Guided by a team of experienced Bridgeable team members (aka Bridgers), the summer kicks off with an intensive service design boot camp where you’ll learn about:

  • Design research (including interviews, ethnography, and literature review)
  • Co-design
  • Service design
  • Systems thinking
  • Prototyping
  • Project management
  • Managing client relationships

What will it feel like?

The Designership is a lot of hard work, but it’s definitely fun, definitely exciting, and a whole lot cooler than most other internships (at least, that’s what we think). Here are a few of our favourite things about Bridgeable:

  • We’re passionate about our craft and love helping each other level up.
  • We share our work early and often (get ready to iterate!).
  • We offer monthly improv classes to help you become a better facilitator and presenter.
  • We have lots of free healthy snacks (hope you enjoy yogurt as much as we do).

Application Tips

Design your application for readability. Even if you’re not a designer, think about how you can make it easy and pleasant for us to read your application.

  • Follow the application instructions carefully. If you don’t submit all four components, we won’t consider your application.
  • Tell your story. Hearing your genuine voice is a great way for us to know if you’re a fit or not.
  • Pay attention to the details. An application with no typos or errors suggests an attention to detail that you’ll bring to your work as well.
  • In your resume, focus on relevant experience and try to give us a sense of your skill set.
  • Write a cover letter that’s focused and gives us a clear sense of who you are and why you want to work with us. This will go a long way.
  • In your mission statement distill your approach to the world into a single, clear statement. This is a crucial piece of the application.
  • Don’t forget to include a portfolio in your application.

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